Annoying when you spawn you move forward about an inch and you die, isn't it. Well SPAWN-KILLERS are another type of absolute noobs. Sitting in the corner waiting for the other team is NOT why CoD was invented. Their class is:

PRIMARY: SMGs are most common because it gets them to the spawn point quicker

SECONDARY: Shotguns are used because they are mostly one hit kills but no in particular shotgun is used.


SP. GRENADE: All are used

PERK 1: Marathon for the same reasons of SMGs. Same goes for the below.

PERK 2: Lightweight (Yeah I know this is starting to look like a knife monkey class)

PERK 3: Commando but even though there was a patch to reduce the length of Commando, there isn't in these classes.

DEATHSTREAK: Painkiller because it's noobish and they somehow die slower.

So they are complete noobs who don't deserve to be on MW2 but there is a way around it, luckily:

PRIMARY: An assault rifle with GL or Masterkey

SECONDARY: Shotgun, preferrably with grip

EQUIPMENT: Frag Or Semtex, Claymores can be used for traps

SP. GRENADE: Flashbangs and smoke work well to blind the target but they may be able to see you in the smoke

PERK 1: Sleight Of Hand to reload quicker if they had a T.I. Down.

PERK 2: Stopping Power or Danger Close, but Cold-Blooded ONLY if you have Pro.

PERK 3: Steady Aim to be certain shots hit.

DEATHSTREAK: Painkiller (It's the first time I've told you to use this) but it helps to get closer to them

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