Annoying when you're playing MW2 and you get killed within 10-20 seconds by, none other than, A RUSHER!!

They are everywhere, from Free-For-All to Search And Destroy. They are probbly second to Campers in most annoying and useless tactics according to +vT+. Similar to Campers, they have a class:

An SMG (obviously, usually UMP or MP5K with silencer, pointless or even worse, akimbo)

A pistol or Raffica (usually Tactical Knife or akimbo and the Raffica is probably akimbo too)

Throwing Knifes (probably the best thing in an annoying class, it gets rid of retarded campers)

Smoke (quiet useless, thermal SNIPERS can get around this with no effort, I don't know anyone who uses Thermal on anything but a sniper, ACR, FAL or an LMG with a Grip)

Marathon, Lightweight and Commando (The 3 Knife-Monkey perks, noticing this class is pretty much a Knife-Monkey class, Ninja might be used if Tac. Knife isn't, or Steady Aim)

Painkiller (AGAIN WITH THE CHILL PILL, well, it stops them from dying quicker, doesn't stop it all though, and from them screaming their heads off when the impossible becomes possible)


A little easier than campers and much more different. This is probably the best way:

A sniper (Intervention or Barrett with Thermal, in case the smoke is used, apart from that it is up to you, not silencer, best to stick with HBS)

A shotgun (give 'em a little surprise, they all work, Grip does help, and akimbo should be used for the Ranger or the Model)

Claymore (lay it somewhere they won't see it, when they run past it, BOOM)

Flashbangs (work well to slow them down and to blind them so it's easier to shoot them)

Bling (works if you want HBS with Thermal, for example)

Stopping Power (IS A MUST, they will probably kill you with anything else on, SP will make OHKs easier)

Perk 3 is up to you (Though Last Stand gives you a sort of 2nd chance and Steady Aim PRO will let you hold your breath longer, if you have neither, then choose freely, there's not much difference)

Final Stand (Copycat: who would want to rush? Painkiller: Chill Pills? Martyrdom: won't kill them, they'll be miles away by then)

Try and set up a trap for these noobs so they'll run into it, look at their pattern, some will be stupid enough to go the same way, so get your Claymores out!

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