Noob-Tubers are very rapidly becoming more and more annoying, in one day, about 20 were spotted by ValoR. Their class is quite obvious:

PRIMARY: AR with Grenade Launcher (it is usually a high powered one, like the TAR or the SCAR)

SECONDARY: Thumper, AT4 or most commonly, the RPG

EQUIPMENT: Frag or Semtex


PERK 1: Scavenger (though sometimes One Man Army is used if the user doesn't care about the launcher)

PERK 2: Danger Close (the biggest 'F*CKING HELL!' of the class)

PERK 3: There is a mix of all of them, however, SitRep should be the most useful for them, they just don't realise it)

DEATHSTREAK: Martyrdom (obviously)

Sadly, the way around this is quite tricky, they can get you from any range, or probably noob tube you (by that, one kill, no explosion)

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