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O_oVendettAo_O Offline Update

(This is Vendetta's writing from our website, I is reffering to him)

After multiple attempts of fixing the system i have had no luck and have been left with a crippled console. A lot of research went into the repair attempt and i exhausted all options in an effort to get back up and running. The day the system crashed was due to a heat issue with the console although it was only on for roughly about 15 minutes. After reading and watching multiple video explainations i opened up the console to apply new thermal paste which i felt may have been the issue for the systems problem, unfortunately that wasnt the issue. Every bit of the circuit board is in tact and connected properly therefor i cant see the problems being related to that. After cleaning the whole system it was placed back together for the 4th time, this would be the time i would get the YLOD (yellow light of death). after a few minor tweaks i managed to get the system up and running again. It ran successfully for about 15 minutes, long enough to allow me to restore the system back to its original factory settings then after a shut down refused to show any display whatsoever. I tried all forms of output tricks in an effort to get a display and all had failed, controllers wont connect even if plugged in, the system is finished. It still takes discs, you can hear it reading, it does everything a normla console would do accept there is no display or controller capability.

Due to a tight budget there is really no way to be able to purchase a new system until money starts coming again. As of now it doesnt seem like ill be on PSN for a matter of months, considering the time it takes to obtain a job, delayed checks, bills, and rent there isnt exactly a few hundred dollars to blow on a new playstation. Who knows, by then a new playstation may be on the way......(in that case im not wasting the money ill just wait)

As stated in my last post, in my absence O_oStealtHo_O will lead the clan along with members O_oPrecisioNo_O and O_oDevastatoRo_O. Once again although im unable to be online with the clan i am still the creator and leader, if there is an issue within the clan alert either of the above members and they will contact me about the situation.

O_oVendettAo_O Offline

(This is Vendetta's writing from our website, I is reffering to him)

Due to what seems like a hard drive error my playstation refuses to work correctly. The problem i am experiencing is known as the "Green Screen". The Green Screen happens about five seconds after starting up the system, a variety of different coloers lines and/or code with begin to stream down the screen.

I am hoping to contact Sony today to hopefully have them repair the system for the second time for free, however knowing the company my system will probably just be out of warranty. In the event they do ask for another $150 for a second repair, I will not be online anytime soon. Money is tight and I would prefer to buy a brand new playstation rather than have it temporarily repaired for half of the price. If everything goes well with Sony then ill assume i should be back online within a month or so.

While i'm out of comission i have appointed O_oStealtho_O to lead the clan as i did along with O_oPrecisioNo_O, and O_oDevastatoRo_O who will run and keep the clan alive in my absence. I do ask of those in charge to keep contact with me in regards to the clan. If there is an issue with a certain member or members speak to me about it and we'll discuss our options.

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