No-one likes campers. We hate them except snipers. Campers usually stay in the same place for the whole game. Their classes usually consist of

The Usual

OMA (for more ammo)

A grenade launcher (meaning an assault rifle, all are used)

Claymores (or Tactcal Insertions to be even more noobish)

Cold-Blooded (or Danger Close to make their GL work)

Ninja (so they can spawnkill you easier, like Cold-Blooded)

Final Stand (just in case of nothing too bad like dying quicker)

There are some who don't use Cold-Blooded or Ninja, possibly as a lure (recently discovered)


A sniper (The Barrett seems to be the most common so far, attatchments unknown. We are unsure because we play Hardcore and don't pick up weapons)

A shotgun (all are used like the ARs, but the SPAS seems to stand out because of its power to rip you apart)

Smoke (also used for the above, doesn't really help much, they're always shot anyway)

Claymores (Not very hard to work out)

Bling (unconfirmed)

Anything but Cold-Blooded (usually Stopping Power, a waste on Hardcore)

Steady Aim (because they feel like epically failing at quick/no scopes or because their fingers don't co-operate with their brain, resulting in the prevention of L1 being pressed)

Painkiller (ten seconds of their life they will never get back)


Trying to create a camper-free class isn't easy. These are the best solutions:

Launcher (doesn't matter which except the stinger it's just to take them out from a range. Note: the javelin depends if they are camping outside or not)

Sniper (again it's to take them out from a range, I'd use the Intervention or the Barrett mainly because the other 2 don't do enough damage)

Cold Blooded (so their "killstreaks" don't spot you, or their crappy looking LMG or SMG with thermal, trust me they are crap)

Ninja (so their HBS doesn't see you, yeah thermal and HBS is probably the worst combination, for SMGs it's probably Rapid Fire)

FMJ helps to shoot through most walls except the 3 or 4 walls I get shot through

So basically, EVERY game has at least 1 camper yeah even S&D (those retards trying to spawnkill you) If trying out for our clan don't camp because that will lower your chances of getting into the clan dramatically.

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